Christmas Carols

Dear members of Footloose,


The choir Vokollage, which is part of ESMG Quadrivium, invites you all to join singing Christmas Carols!

This year there will be a Christmas market on the TU/e in front of the main entrance of Metaforum.

During some lunch breaks, Christmas carols (quite easy repertoire) will be performed.

You are all free to join the rehearsals and to sing along during these lunch breaks!


These Christmas Carols will be rehearsed every Tuesday around 22.00-22.30. The first rehearsal will be on the 31st of October. The location of the rehearsal is still unknown, but we will let you know in time by e-mail! The performances during lunches at TU/e will be on the dates:


  • 12th of December
  • 14th of December
  • 18th of December
  • 21th of December


If you want to join these rehearsals and performances, please send an e-mail to After that more information will be sent to you. Sheet music will be provided at the rehearsals.


Yours sincerely,


The 28th board of ESDV Footloose

“Dancing in the moonlight”