Workshop stretching and flexibility

Datum: donderdag 21 september
Tijd: 20:00 - 21:30
Locatie: Orbit
Organisator: Laura van der Woerd
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Stretching is not only a great way to become more flexible but also a fantastic way to (learn to) relax.
In this workshop we will do a short intense warm-up followed by all kinds of static and dynamic stretches which have their basis in ballet, modern but also yoga and Pilates.
We will not only stretch our body but also strengthen it at the same time. We will work with in your personal range of motion and let you feel what your possibilities are (so don’t be scared, I will not push anybody in to over-split ? ).

Anybody is welcome at this workshop, regardless your experience or dance style.
If you decide to come please make sure you bring sports/dance clothing which gives you alot of freedom, bring a warm sweater and sweatpants, sock and two towels.