New dancing season!

Dear members,

The new season is approaching and we are very excited to see you all back on the dance floor! If you intend on staying with Footloose, we would like to ask you to create a new account on the Footloose website due to the new GPDR regulations.

In the week of September 17th the courses will start again, don’t miss it!

Furthermore, we would like to tell you the deadline for signing up for the dance courses: Friday the 28th of September. The subscriptions for courses will open on the 11th of September, during the KMDA.
During the last GMM it was decided that there will no longer be a first-come first-serve policy. This means that the time of signing up for courses will not be a determining factor, just make  sure it is before the deadline.
For more information regarding the course admission policy go to

See you on the dance floor!

The 28th board, “Dancing in the moonlight”  and
The 29th candidate-board